Firefox not showing css layout

Hi, I’ve built this coming soon page: Chrome and safari are displaying the css layout but firefox isn’t. Any ideas?

Hi pb3000 and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

As this is a CSS question, I’ve moved it to the CSS forum.

Did you manage to find a solution on your own? I’ve tested the page in Firefox and Chromium and can’t see any difference.

I remember viewing this thread when it first opened up and FF wasn’t displaying styles. He must have fixed it by himself (or perhaps another forum, but all in all he got it fixed) :).

Hi, thanks for the replies I had a typo in my code which was why it wasn’t working in Firefox.
I realised soon after posting that I should have posted under the CSS forum, thanks for moving it.

OK. Glad it’s all solved now. :slight_smile: