Firefox messing with page layouts

Hop I’m posting this in the right place. Just wondering if anybody is finding the new firefox (4.0.1) to be messing with page layout\design. It keeps messing with the location of certain GIF images and therefore is making whole pages look bad by overlapping and rearranging the location of text and other images.

I think you’ll find that most people aren’t sharing that experience - FF4 seems to be pretty rock-solid, and follows the standards. You should give us a link to a page that you think is being rendered incorrectly, along with some indication of what you think is wrong with it.

I’ll second we’d need to see the page in question, though I have found that FF 4.x is much less forgiving of broken code… Take the first link in your siggy which I believe the menu is rendering incorrectly here in FF 4, Opera 11.10, and Chrome and has other oddball formattings across the page – The thirty validation errors are likely the tip of the iceberg for ‘problems’ on the page – problems like nonsensical heading orders, comment placements that could be tripping rendering bugs, tables for layout on non-tabular data, and general outdated sitebuilding techniques through the use of HTML 3.2 with a HTML 4 tranny doctype slapped on it.

… and that’s before talking accessiblity issues like the use of px metric fonts on the content in an unusably small size. Anything under 12px is below accessibility norms, and anything less than 14 is useless to large font/120 dpi users like myself without diving for the zoom… which is why you are SUPPOSED to use %/em for content fonts and reserve px for cases where you have an image interaction.

The CSS on said page also has issues that could cause problems – like declaring widths on things that shouldn’t need widths, floats on elements that don’t appear to need floating, or the inclusion of outdated methodologies like clearfix.

But again, I’m just guessing it’s one of your signature pages that’s the problem – is that one of the sites you are referring to, or is it somewhere else that’s also broken?

Just remember, deathshadow60 is overstating the case (I’m shocked, shocked!). Accessibility issues, for example, have absolutely nothing to do with how the page is rendering. A browser doesn’t louse up the layout because you’ve had the unmitigated gall to use small font sizes.

Nor does using “tables for layout on non-tabular data” somehow produce layout errors. The browser doesn’t suddenly say, “Gee, I don’t think this is tabular data. So, I guess I should suddenly start doing unpredictable, unwanted things.” Properly coded tables will render correctly in any browser, whether you should actually be using tables or not. Browsers don’t morally censure.

On the other hand, tracking down and curing validation errors may get you a long way towards curing whatever problems you’re seeing.