Finished website but have couple of BUGS!

Hello there dear coders,

I have almost finished my website. I have 3 problems and I REALLY hope that somebody can help me to fix these issues so i can finish my website also ADVICE on CSS & HTML is WELCOME this for my learning curve.

Problem #1:
For some reason on the website i have this GAP/SPACE on the right side… i tried to fix it BUT couldn’t fix this what is wrong here?\


Problem #2:
The website on iPad looks good now and iphone 5 … but the landscape is messed up. Also i have a HUGE problem with width of 767px it REALLY breaks my site and kills it… because of this i can not style some elements. Also there is this background repeating on both sides.


Can somebody please help me to solve these 2 issues including the landscape for iphone 5 and the 767px media query?


Thanks in advance guys.

@ralphm @PaulOB.

Kind regards,

Could you provide a website?

The reason about the gray gap is because that col div in wpa-header is 100% width plus some padding. Honestly I don’t know why you even have the row/column setup there since there are no column setups in the header. Remove .row and unfloat/unpadding/unwidth it. There’s no reason for it. The ultimate reason is the 15px padding (left/right) + 100% width. That’s where the extra space is. Using bootstrap wisely is the better fix

When i remove the ROW class the website breaks down. Where is the error can you tell me the class i couldn’t find the class and padding which you are talking about.


Did you also remove the column classes like I said?

Inside wpa-header remove all classes on all divs (bootstrap classes).

Removed it still the same.

Really? I go to the live website and the classes are still there. When I remove them (both on firebug and a local copy) they fix the issue.

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