Finding the location of a particular record in a paginated query

I have a situation with a paginated record set where 10 records are presented on a page with the ability to go backwards and forwards through the records. Each of the records has it’s own url identifier so each is able to be bookmarked. When someone comes back in and say they have bookmarked a record on page 7 of 15 and I want present the paginated result set and show their record on page 7 or whatever page it is currently on, is there a way to find out what page it is on. Understand that the page may change from time to time depending on whether the total number of records changes. So saving the original page number doesn’t help.

On the positive side I suppose, the record counts of the result sets are in the hundreds so if necessary I can always retrieve a limited set of information and parse it to find the location. I am just curious if there was a way to accomplish this with a query.