Finding out where the user is located?

I work for a big company and we would like to a different message for users based on their country. How can I achieve this? Is detecting someone’s IP reliable? Does detecting someones IP slow down the page (I presume I would use PHP for this?)

  • Dan

you can find ip using php,using ip find out the userlocation using maxmind apis

Is it better to do this (ie: is there a noticeable lesser impact on the server) than to use a 3rd party solution?

Your website Viewers IP Address, and IP Address details(country, ISP, address, etc.) can be displayed on your website. is a reliable site from where you can get the IP Address Details & IP Address Search on your website.The process is simple, you just need to copy the codes from this site to yours!!!

Ping that with the user’s IP ($_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]) and you’ll get the country.