Finding out if a given email address falls under blacklisted item

I am developing a system where I have a textarea where I can add

  1. email address (Eg:
  2. domain name (Eg:
  3. subdomain name (Eg:
  4. wildcard (an astix *)

These items can either be separated by comma (,) or each item in a new line. These items will act as a list of blacklisted items. A user trying to signup using any of the above should not be allowed to signup. Here is how the system should behave:

  1. will block

  2. will block {any_username} and also {any_username}@{any_subdomain}

  3. will only block {any_username}

  4. * will block {any_username}@{any_domain} and also {any_username}@{any_subdomain}.{any_domain}

I am struggling to write a logic that could prevent a user to signup using the above logic.

Can someone please help?

what code have you made to try this on your own? maybe a translation to regex will help you. using regex as input format would be easy to verify and expand.

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