Finding inbound links to a page (on same web site)?


We have a very large web site and want to remove outdated content. I would like to find a tool that can provide a report of all pages that point to the page that will be removed.

Does something like that exist?


Google - assuming your site is indexed.

Type in the search box

Site editing software like Dreamweaver also provides the ability to search code for specific phrase as do most text editors.

Thanks for the reply. I tried the method using Google but the results aren’t always accurate.

I’m looking for a 3rd party tool that might be able to do this. Instead of a text editor, I’d prefer other software that crawled the web site and produced a report.

A lot of pages are being removed and doing an individual search for each one with with a search utility will take a lot of time.

I’m probably a little late to help here and it might not be exactly what you’re looking for, however, I’ve written a script that will find all the unreferenced files on your site. i.e. files that are not referenced in any other file, nor in the database (for db driven sites). You’re welcome to try it.