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Hi guys, im getting really frustrated, i can never find anything to write about for my blog, and when i do find something to write about, all the decent keywords are taken up by other website.

My website is a technology based website and im trying to increase traffic by getting better google rankings, before i can start building backlinks i need to make a good post about something technology based which i can get to top 5 on google ranking.

Im finding it really hard to find interesting things to write about which arent already taken up by huge websites. For example, i used the Google adwords keyword tool to look for some low competitive high traffic keywords, and i found “Apple Iphone 5” which it said had low competition (due to it not being out yet) and high search volumes. So i made a blog post about it and optimised it for the keywords i had chosen, then i went onto google, and found that there were at least 5-6 pages jam packed with website dedicated to the Iphone 5 and also huge technology websites.

I need help quick as i feel as though i cant really grow my blog to the extent i would like to without scoring high on some good keywords.

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Major search engines no longer rank websites on keywords alone. In fact, they ignore them for the most part. You say that you can’t go after good back links because other sites are ranking higher for the keywords you choose. Chances are that one of biggest reasons they rank higher is because they already have the good back links and they get them because the content is something that the back linking websites can encourage their visitors to access.

Dan is correct, your approach to blogging is the problem. What have you done, other than keyword research to promote your blog and attract a following?

Is your content web-visitor friendly or does it need work for structure, flow, voice, grammar, punctuation?

You are right. You can’t post a link here, but you can request a review of your content in our Content Reviews forum. Just follow the guidelines in the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Is there a reason your article on any given topic you pick off a keyword list would be more useful/informative/entertaining than one from an actual expert on the topic?

Why should Google rank you highly on anything you churn out about something you don’t really know?

I think your whole approach to blogging is the problem, not the fact that other people also write about the same topics. People don’t turn to CNET or Engadget to read about the iPhone 5 because nobody else has ever written about it before, they turn to those sites because they provide something unique… in-depth hands-on video reviews, insider info other sources don’t have, etc.

I do agree with Dan Grossman.

In my personal view, article writing should not be too commercial. If you have the thought of writing an article for the sake of increasing your blog traffic, you will find the difficulty to write a good/unique content of article.

Write only the article that you have read and you know something about it. With your uniqueness of write-up, traffic will come in slowly. Because people find it worth reading.

These are all valid and great points, but it just seems that even if i did write good content, then i still wouldnt pick up traffic, because the content i write about is going to be already covered by websites like engadget, and theres not a chance in hell im going to rank better than a website like that.

I think i just need to concentrate on building content and build up the traffic slowly.
Thank you for your help guys!

I do agree with you but an expert in this area is not always the best choice. There is enough space for everybody.
That expert was a newbie also a while ago.

If you had something to say about the iPhone 5 that sites like Engadget didn’t already know, they’d be linking to you in their coverage, and so would everyone else, boosting your page above theirs in the SERPs. The problem isn’t that established sites exist, it’s that you’re not offering the world anything they can’t.

Yeah, its right that major search engines dont rank a website for all the time you need to maintain it at first rank. link building can be handy once you have written a post especially blog commenting.

Yeah I can understand your pain bro.

You can do google trend search. Go to google and search for google trend you will come to know about the trends people are looking in the market. Similarly you can do a regional search or a world wide search to find world famous topics.

Do one more thing. Add any plugin to your blogs which updates its content on regular basis from a file. It will keep your site google seacrh spider friendly as google spider always look for Content Juice.

All the best

Before blogging, understand who is your visitors and their needs. Write posts which satisfy their needs. First don’t focus on keywords, focus only upon your traffic. Find ways to attract you visitor. Do some little research over who is your visitor.

well ! to find the natural visitors you need to make your article related to what people are looking for. First concentrate upon the the choice of article which people are intended to read.

Find the people choice. Visit twitter and look at the ho topics and trends then you will get some idea what people are looking for over net. Google trend is other way.

Keep doing research about the people interest. Keep your self up to day . Read news every day and you will come to know.

Good luck.

I agree with you at some extent i think a blogger should look at his capability that what sort of topic he can write well then search out what your users are watching or want to you.

2 Advice for a technology blogger

  • pick long keywords and dominate with multiple blog posts around that keyword (don’t pick somthing like “iphone 5”, you never rank)

  • stay up-to-date and write all latest happenings (you will get lot to write)

Tools according to me like Traffic Travis and Google Adwords used to be some the best tools that i used to use in order to go for and find keywords related to websites or blogs.

That’s does not matter your preferable keywords has been used by other but you can use it by adding any single words in the keywords and take keywords that like which is used two or three times in blog content. I don’t say more but i can post video link here you can get proper knowledge

They whole keyword manipulation ordeal is dead now. All of the big dog search engines are far too advanced now to pick up posts off of clever keywording. You can forget about it. Main thing to focus on now is creating natural content and content that is not commercialized in any obvious way. Google’s algorithm is so far advanced now it knows if a human generated a post naturally or if they copied, trying to insert keywords or just were a NONE-authority on the subject matter. You for content that is an authoritive figure on the subject, you will strike gold everytime!

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