Finding an element within the entire HTML based off a partial wildcard string?

I have a few input elements between multiple pages, all of which have have IDs ending in “-foobar” (preceding this is the type of content each page represents, such as a “contact_us-foobar” or “profiles-foobar”, “search-foobar”, etc.)

Instead of applying individual jQuery to each exclusive element, I’d rather try to key off of each input by searching the HTML for elements that have IDs ending in “-foobar”, this way I could write once but apply to many.

Is it possible to search the entire HTML for input elements that have IDs ending in “-foobar” ?

Hi there,

Sorry for the short reply, but I am currently mobile.

To get the elements ending in “foobar”, use:


See the documentation here:

If you can’t get this to work, let me know and I’ll knock you up an example later on.

Worked like a charm! Thanks! :slight_smile:

(I started to ask you what that was but then I realized I glossed over your link. So thanks too for that link to the documentation on it. That’s VERY helpful. :slight_smile: