“Find my” app, bad copy. Guidelines startup the project

I have to build an app that allow my colleagues to see each others current position by checking a map (let’s skip that “find my” works really well for this).
Since we have different offices around the city, it must give us the chance to look for a specific address and see who of our colleagues are close to that location.
I can find a way to code this but how do I have to structure the project? I mean start/end task in general terms…
It would be a tremendous help
Thanks Andres :slightly_smiling_face:

You should start by drawing each of the pages.

The home page will be the starting point. It will have buttons or input fields. What happens when the buttons are pressed or fields filled in? Draw those pages.

When that’s done, check out the flow of the app. Does it make sense? Does it get from the home page to the end point smoothly with no guesses?

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