Find and replace hexcode via WP-admin?


Does anybody know if there is some plugin or way to easily replace a hexcode in your sites stylesheets via wordpress admin? If not, do anyone know what is the best way to let my client choose whatever color he wants for the site via admin?

Im thinking something like… showing the current colors, and then lets the client choose which one to replace by pasting in a new hexcode? Is this even possible?

If your client has access to the entire dashboard, all he has to do is go to Appearance > Editor. The stylesheet shows up by default in the editor. He just has to change the hex code and save. But make sure he knows not to get too adventurous in this area.

You would have to provide him with some way of knowing which hex code goes with which colour. Maybe have him install a colour picker add-on for his browser.

Inviting a client to update the CSS through the appearance editor is asking for trouble unless they are a very skilled at CSS. A better protected approach would be to build a settings sections where certain colors can be updated. The colors would then be inserted as styles in the head of the website into the wp_head template tag.

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