Find all my posts

how do I find all my posts? (used to be able to find in old design, but can’t find in new design…)

shouldn’t there be a “my posts” link here?

(like there is in jQuery forums, for example, when you go to “my account”…)

thank you…

If you click on your username at the left of your post, you’ll be able to choose ‘View forum posts’.

That just gives me the same list I can get by using the “Find latest posts” link from my profile. I can’t find anything that lists all my posts, which I think is what maya90 is asking for.

It does give you all of them, it just pretends not to.

When you go to that page, it says “page 1 of 5”, but as you start to move through, the number of pages keeps growing, and soon you’ll find you’re on page 11 of 14 and it will still keep on going … I think it gets bored at about 1000 posts.

It’s about a maximum of 1,024 posts that any search using vBulletin’s search function will list. If you goto “Advanced Search” and select “Search Single Content Type” you can specifiy your username to search for threads started by or posts made by and a little further down the page if you know what forum(s) what your looking for is in, you can select just them forums.

In that case, it just doesn’t like me, because it stops at page 7 and 397 posts. :lol:

I can see 18 pages and 1024 posts in your profile. But maybe mods can see more?

I think that must be the case - I can’t get beyond page 7. (Oddly enough, when I looked at this yesterday, I’m sure the posts went up to 404. (: )

It´s easy! Click your profile and choose the option.

If you read the full thread, you’ll see that doesn’t work if you’ve made a lot of posts. Up until now, I’ve made 889 posts, but now my profile link is only showing 361 of them. That’s the problem. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry… It’s true…

That’s OK. Thanks for trying to help, but it’s usually best to read the whole thread before replying. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for this myself.

I like the old phpbb function in the nav with ‘find your posts, find your threads, find unanswered posts’ blah blah. It’s only a single content type search link as well.

Perhaps something like…

<a href="search.php?{vb:raw session.sessionurl}do=finduser&amp;userid={vb:raw userinfo.userid}&amp;contenttype=vBForum_Post&amp;showposts=1">Posts</a>

Any ways, in the meantime, I done my own single content type search to my own preferences and saved the search ID for further use.

  • I’m not sure if that link will work for your or not.

So, basically it shows me all my posts, with the results shown as threads.

Without using the plugin, and just using the code from this old VB Mod.

Site Point, could easily implement ‘My Posts’ and ‘My Threads’ into the quick links drop.