Final test before sending a day's work to client :(

Google’s $dailyLimitExceeded


Well, at least it was before sending it to the client…

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Yes, fortunately it happened just as I was finishing for the day.

I am in a quandary and don’t know the best approach to the problem…

The online AJAX application interrogates a database table of books, starting the search with “l” produces 17,273 results and AJAX shows about the first 100 and gradually reduces the count as the search is refined.

Currently only text for the author, book title, price, etc are shown and I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate Google Books book thumbnail covers and reviews.

I experimented with the number of Google’s API calls to try and quickly render the page by only showing the first five or so book covers and reviews. This works but I am still not impressed because of the delay although the page does render quite quickly and the Google Book details insert themselves into the page.

I had previously tried using an on-demand click to open a hidden HTML iFrame… which worked but returned to the calling page and the search had to be restarted :frowning:

I have signed up for Google Books, claimed the $300 one-time promotion credit for the first year and not charged if below the threshold otherwise…

Billing is not straight forward and not sure if pricing is per hour or per request. Documentation is colossal!

All I want to do is display thumbnails and a review :frowning:


Usage statistics:

yes, and thats what Google is making you pay for. :stuck_out_tongue:

The 1K limit used to be a default query limit… you might want to reach out to google and find out exactly what service they think you’re using, and what the pricing levels are for that service. I’m not entirely sure from the descriptions what service it thinks you’re using.

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