Final Fantasy VII... c'mon now

I can’t be the only one excited about this :smile:


Final Fantasy went on sale on Steam with the news of the remake.

I bought FF8 this morning for $6. I haven’t played it in years and never beat it. It was the first game I ever bought with my own money, but it would always crash in the same spot about half way through.

I haven’t had read any news about FF and I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have FF8 and loved it. I also played FF X but it wasn’t mine, I borrowed from a friend :slight_smile:

How can something called Final Fantasy now be up to version 8 or whatever? Was the original one not quite as Final as they thought?


I gamed all through most of my life until recently, just due to a lack of time now - and I never played a single moment of a FF game. Sorry? lol

Kind of the opposite of “The Neverending Story”. There were, what… 3? All ending?


Kind of the opposite of “The Neverending Story”. There were, what… 3? All ending?

My friend and I used to make fun of that every time we saw it in a video store for that reason.

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It’s up to like 15, with 2 of those being MMOs. FFVIII came out 16yrs ago in 1999, lol.

They are different story lines. I like the games, but I’m not a huge fan of the series and I honestly don’t know how they all tie together…

They don’t. They’re indpendent stories

I’m a huge fan of the artistic and creativity of the games, and the graphics. The stories are good most of the time. The game system annoyed me quite a bit. I hated waiting.

But even today, they’re impressive.

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I love the turn based combat, but it gets old very fast.

Fallout 1/2 were my favorite games. Wasteland 2 has been pretty awesome, but I haven’t played it a whole lot.

I never play now, I don’t have the time but when I do I only play Devil May Cry. It is one of the few games that works in PS4. I do have two other games but can’t remember the name now

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The only game I am currently playing is MechWarrior Online. I used to be a huge fan of Unreal Tournament. Haven’t played that in ages.



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FF series have quite a interesting background. The numbering is actually different as well. US and Japan started synchronized after FF7 I believe.

In essense, the name ‘Final Fantasy’ does make sense. On each new iteration, it’s a new story with new characters. So, it’s ‘Final Fantasy’ w/ those characters. The story isn’t mind boggling… but the way it delivers it is the ‘masterpiece’.

Sadly, I’d say this is coming around late 2017…jeez… that is way too long but we’ll get FF XV sometime this year.

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I didn’t know that existed. lol

They have turned everything into an Online version.

I bought that game as well. Make sure to apply all mods like improved musics, graphics, and etc… Overall, I didn’t like the game other than the intro… It was too slow paced game for me… Maybe one day… Currently, my next game to play is Metal Gear Solid 4… Hope I finish before the next one comes out…

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Normally, I’d be upset at that. But, I have to admit… Piranha Games and MicroSnot did a pretty good job. My only real complaint is that the weekly patches are pretty hefty. When you first download the game, it’s a pretty quick download. When you patch (required, can’t play without it), that first patch is a doozie… just go to sleep, it’ll be done shortly after you wake. :frowning: Otherwise, they seem to do pretty well.


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