Filter Bubbles, again

I may regret linking from the New York Times, since I think eventually the articles move behind a paywall.

This builds on This Youtube video and I think the word must be slowly getting out.

Question is, how do we take control of our internet? Or our media?

Yeah, manipulation of the web is on the rise, and we can’t rely on it being open and free for long. A TV show in Australia the other day focused on how the ISPs are also filtering content and pushing us in certain directions, by doing things like speeding up some connections and slowing down others—to the point that we can’t access certain things at all. :frowning:

He does have a point. I don’t think it started out of malice and simply as a way to get more profit by providing more relevant results (although Facebook doesn’t get it quite right just yet).

Nowadays, I do wonder that now that they know how effective it is, we are somehow driven to certain interests or controlled at what we do. Internet is not as free as it used to be, that’s for sure. You simply don’t notice it.

It’s inevitable. Politicians, ISPs, etc will all fall victim to one thing: greed. It will continue to be abused and manipulated. Greed will drive it to its logical conclusion, a total profit driven web, much like TV and radio is today.