Fill and print embedded PDF form: a cross-browser solution

I’m currently embedding a single PDF document with fillable forms in an HTML page with the object>embed method. The PDF is a form that can be filled with a PDF reader. Chrome allows the PDF to be filled in the browser, and the toolbar at the top of the object allows the user to download or print the PDF after he’s filled it out. Is there an existing javascript solution that would replicate this feature across other browsers?

Firefox, by default, states in a message at the top of the viewport “This PDF document contains forms. The filling of form fields is not supported.”. Edge allows neither filling nor includes a toolbar (you have to right-click the PDF to get options to print or save it). I haven’t tested other browsers.

This is a personal, non-commercial project so I’d appreciate any help.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know about a JavaScript solution to your problem. But I find online tools more comfortable in use. I’m a fan of them

I don’t have an answer regarding using PDF in this capacity; however, the form is simple enough to render in pure HTML/CSS and still fit on a page. You are not saving the content to the server, are you?

Not for now. In time I was thinking of adding some modularity to the PDFs with input from the visitor, but for a start I wanted to see how far I could get with just browser support. For legal reasons I can’t process certain information that would be filled in the forms by the user.

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