file_put_contents permission error on windows

I am using file_put_contents with the FILE APPEND option to add text to the end of the file on windows. It works normally, but while performing some stress tests on the class that makes use of this function, I encountered the following error: warning: failed to open stream (file path) Permission denied (script path).

I am running as an admin so I should have all rights, and it doesn’t occur every time, so it doesn’t seem like a normal permissions issue.

I was performing tests in the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands range. This problem appeared to occur once the file being appended to began to reach 100mb or more in size, but even then it only occurred randomly, so it may only be a coincidence; I could not replicate it with any success and have to run tests repeatedly until the error arises.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

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