Filament Group's responsive image .js

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone has used this technique. One thing that has kept me on the fence with responsive layout is the image sizing. I can’t bring myself to force mobile users to download huge images, or desktop users to view sized up mobile images. But this javascript technique promises to allow a different file to be loaded depending. Wondering if anyone has tried this yet?

I have never needed to use that technique considering all recent projects use Sencha IO Src. In my opinion that is a much better way to go considering all the available options exposed by the api for resizing images.

I’ll check that out. So that is an alternative technique? One of the reasons I noticed through some reading about the Filament version is that it doesn’t work for Firefox and some other later, but not obsolete browsers.

Well where filaments group solution is fairly inflexible the sencha io api provides a means of dynamically sizing images based on actual device dimensions. For example, it is possible to return an image that is 1/4 the dimensions of the device. This can come in use when listing items part of a master page with associated main image. The main image for each article probably doesn’t need to be any larger than 1/4 screen size, perhaps even less. However, the filament groups technique merely switches between two, static images.

oooo…that sounds tasty… I will definitely check that out.