Field name fades away on contact forms in Wordpress


I am making a form in WordPress. I have tried two separate plugins (N-Media Website Contact Form PRO and VFB Pro). They both have the same issue, so it must be something overriding the plugin settings within WordPress. The issue is this: The form works fine, but when data is entered into certain fields, in this case “email” and “company name”, the field name disappears. When the field is simply selected, and nothing is typed, the name turns grey. I am wondering if any one can point me in the right direction to find the place to correct this.

In the first photo, you can clearly see the “Email” And “Event / Company Name” field names.

In second photo, the field names are gone after typing data in the fields


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!! :smile:


Can you show a live example?

Can I give you the website? Will that help?

I think it’s the hideOnChange that’s doing you in…

    base.hideOnChange = function (e) {
      if (
          (e.keyCode === 16) || // Skip Shift
          (e.keyCode === 9) // Skip Tab
        ) {

      if (base.showing) {
        base.showing = false;

      // Remove keydown event to save on CPU processing

Hi, thank you so much!! Silly question, where do I change this? What do I change it to? Sorry, I’m not that proficient with this just yet. Thanks for your patience with me :smile:

With all that JavaScript, much of it minified, kudos to Dave for even finding it.

It looks like the code is doing what it was intended to do, but not what you want.

The file is


You said the “field names” are fading away, but they are in form labels, so “label hide” are the lines you want to comment out. If that doesn’t work try commenting out the “showing true” lines too.

Hi, Thank you both so much!! You seriously are the best!! So, I commented out the following

` // If the label is currently showing
// then fade it down to the amount
// specified in the settings
// base.fadeOnFocus = function () {
// if (base.showing) {
// base.setOpacity(base.options.fadeOpacity);
// }
// };


if (base.showing) {
// base.$label.hide();
base.showing = false;

This worked perfectly!! I really, really appreciate both of you taking the time to help me with this! Have a great day!!!

:smiley: Lauren

If that file is part of Wordpress core or a plugin those changes will be lost when updating. You should make a note of those changes so that when you upgrade they can be reapplied.

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