Fgets quits after only 2 reads

Hey all,

Has anyone had their fgets loop stop after 2 iterations ? The text file it’s reading from has the correct line breaks, I did a test script. But in my main file, something is causing it to stop after 2 iterations. In the loop is all sorts of curl and oauth functions, but I’m stumped on how to track down why it’s only doing 2 out of 1100 lines in the text file.

The text file is only 10 digits, then the correct line break, so no funny chars or anything. The test script I wrote to output the fgets lines worked fine, so it’s not an EOF issue either.

stream meta didn’t reveal anything, tried different looping techniques… I’m really stumped.

Any help on tracking down this “bug” ?

I would suspect…

In the loop is all sorts of curl and oauth functions

… this is probably an issue. :wink:

Show us your code, or if it’s crazy, long and/or sensitive, a script which a) displays the wrong behaviour and b) approximates your script. (: