Ffmpeg video cover collage making


ffmpeg video cover collage making

sample code

ffmpeg \
-i /root/1.jpg \
-i /root/2.jpg \
-i /root/3.jpg \
-i /root/4.jpg \
-i /root/5.jpg \
-i /root/6.jpg \
-i /root/7.jpg \
-i /root/8.jpg \
-i /root/9.jpg \
-i /root/10.jpg \
-i /root/11.jpg \
-i /root/12.jpg \
-i /root/13.jpg \
-i /root/14.jpg \
-i /root/15.jpg \
-i /root/16.jpg \
-filter_complex "[0:v][1:v][2:v][3:v][4:v][5:v][6:v][7:v][8:v][9:v][10:v][11:v][12:v][13:v][14:v][15:v] \
xstack=inputs=16:layout=0_0|w0_0|w0+w1_0|w0+w1+w2_0|0_h0|w4_h0|w4+w5_h0|w4+w5+w6_h0|0_h0+h4|w8_h0+h4|w8+w9_h0+h4|w8+w9+w10_h0+h4|0_h0+h4+h8|w12_h0+h4+h8|w12+w13_h0+h4+h8|w12+w13+w14_h0+h4+h8" hepsi.jpg

I want to make a different collage similar to the image below.

I would be glad if friends who have knowledge on the subject could help me.

Thank you

It’s really not clear what you are trying to do here. More explanation is needed. :slight_smile:

I want to do it like in this image. What ffmpeg code should I write?

Do what? I don’t know anything about ffmpeg, but I’m assuming you’re not trying to create a video here. Are you just trying to lay out a bunch of images, or boxes, with HTML and CSS, or something else?

Preparing photos as collages from video at different time intervals with ffmpeg

Example: With the ffmpeg command, a photo is created as a collage that I added as an example.

but I want a different collage shape, what codes should we use with ffmpeg and filter_complex

I wrote in the question that I wanted to make a photo collage from a video.

I wrote it wrong, I’m sorry

I want to create a photo collage with ffmpeg, in which I share sample images with 13 photos.

The example I shared with the ffmpeg code makes a 4x4 collage of 16 photos, but the collage sequence I want as an example is different.

thank you…