FF & Chrome Window and Mac Issue


I’ve got a site layout which I’m resolving some css issues on and one in particular is to do with the padding and margin on the search bar in FF & Chrome in Windows & Mac.

Currently the search bar lines up perfectly on the right side of the header in FF & Chrome on Windows but doesn’t on the the Mac.

Is there any reason for this given it is the same browser?



At first, they looked the same to me on Windows and Mac, but then I saw that the search box is not fully to the right on Mac. Browsers have their quirks and differences, partly because of different systems. You could just set the search box to float: right instead of float: left.

On top of what ralph said, fonts on Mac’s and PCs are different ( even the same font-name)… I would either average out the difference AND/OR set line-height :1. Also setting padding based on ems might give you more control.

Hope that helps.