Fetching Live Cricket Score

How to fetch live cricket score in my webpage using curl?
Any Help?


I’d start with the book of curl and take a look at the basic example which loads a URL and writes it to a file to be read later.

That should help get you started, and once you have some code or more specific questions, we can assist in those as well.

You may be able to pull via RSS from somewhere like this and embed it in your site using something like [url=https://www.rssinclude.com/]this

Thank you both cpradio & snickn for your help. I am checking it as you both suggested & if I found any problem then will put a mail :slight_smile:
Thank you again.

Use the built-in php function cricketScore();

You can get the score for any team by doing this: cricketScore(‘WestIndies’); and it will automatically find the score for that game for you.

Thank you aaarrrggh, for your answer but crickerScore(); is not an inbuilt function of PHP.
I used it like this echo cricketScore(‘India’). But it says that it is undefined function.