Feedback on existing site please



Hello, I have recently joined a new association and need to upgrade the website. I would appreciate comments on what works and what doesn't. In my view, the colours are not pleasing and the layout is not sensible. It is difficult to navigate around the site. Thanks in advance.


The page takes a long time to load especially considering there is not a great deal of content.

Take a look at and notice that valid Amp pages use Google CDN caching system.

Google Amp Cached Demo


Takes a long time to load. I did a page speed test for you and its low score see for yourself it will take you to Google page speed test


Hello, it really does take a while to load. I liked the color scheme of dark grey with white writing and red elements. But when you follow the navigation, it suddenly becomes very bright with the white background. I would prefer if it stays consistently dark grey. I enjoyed the icon for members. It's fitting very well and is a nice detail.


The design and navigation seem OK to me. I'd prefer to see the header images stay the same size. Seems like one of them is taller than the rest. Load time is an issue. I tested it here...!/X1sn0/ and it's slower than 87% of other sites tested.

Good luck.


try to make in yellow and black. I think it will be to bring design and is not too hard on the eyes


As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in continuing to offer suggestions.

Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.

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