Feedback Form that allow download file

Hi Everybody, i have a question about a simply mail form using php, i’d like to modify in this way:
I wish that when you click on send message also started downloading a file, but checking that the form is filled in correctly … and possibly the download links could be read from a text file to avoid having to change each time the fla
I hope I was clear … (sorry for my bad english)

follow the code:

pulsInvio.onRelease = function(){
var sendMail:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
sendMail.nome = Nome.text;
sendMail.cognome = Cognome.text;
sendMail.mittente = Email.text;
sendMail.richiesta = Richiesta.text;
sendMail.destinatario = ‘’;
sendMail.onLoad = function(success){
Nome.text = ‘’;
Cognome.text = ‘’;
Email.text = ‘’;
Richiesta.text = ‘’;
mcMsg.mcTxt.txtMsg.text = this.controllo;;
sendMail.sendAndLoad(‘email.php’, sendMail, ‘POST’);

1000 times thanks