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Are we getting spoiler tags then? Or are they considered to still not have 'a valid and regular use'?


Discourse does have spoiler tags, as detailed here:

It's just that we don't have any styling set up for them yet. How would you like them styled?


It's simply a matter of installing the plugin

Though I'd hold off for a while, seems there is some plugin conflict stuff happening so IMHO best to wait until that gets resolved.


There's also this option:

It doesn't seem to work here, though. Does this require the plugin you just linked to, @Mittineague?


You'll see a lot of topics at meta like "when I do this unusual rare edge case thing, it doesn't work like I'd like it to". IMHO, errm, then don't do that.

eg. similar to saying "when I leave out the opening a tag it doesn't link" and wanting the browser to accommodate the improper syntax.

the other in that topic is a "shim" for browsers that don't support

  <summary>Some details</summary>
  <p>More info about the details.</p>

But as I said, there are a lot of broken plugins ATM so better to wait a while.
Sam said he'd look into the Solved plugin errors "Australian Tuesday" when ever that is.
( is Australian Monday a holiday? )


What I linked to in #327 seemed like a fairly standard bit of code, from how I read it, but it doesn't seem to work here, which is why I wondered if it required a plugin we don't have, or whether it's part of core.

Not this week, so far as I know. Basically, Australian Tuesday is US Monday. We are roughly 3/4 of a day ahead of you.


Yes, it's the "spoiler" plugin. It usually works fine AFAIK unless you don't use the syntax.
Similar to learning MarkDown in a way, you need to know how it works if you want it to work.

Something simple like [spoiler]text[/spoiler] works fine. It's when you put other MarkDown inside the tags it gets iffy.


That blurred is the style of spoiler I discovered too, I think it is really simple and neat.


See this last post in the link you provided, it looks like it requires this plugin


Any news on Spoiler tags?


Where does this fake join date come from? Obviously I joined before April 2010.


You joined August 29th, 2014 (like the rest of us) because that's when we switched over from vBulletin, to Discourse. It didn't save the users registration dates. So that's when the database got the imported users.

The last post is correct (2010) presumably; you haven't been posting since then.


Any news on Spoiler tags?


Nah, not at the moment. There's a long list of updates and improvements for the forums, but there's also a lot going on at SitePoint generally, so the priorities dictate that this is a fair way down the list. It's a nice feature that will no doubt come in time, but not for a while. wink


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