Feedback about SitePoint on Discourse

Tags are a very new add-on, and yes, the display of them is a little broken, with some of them being hidden behind the post box. HQ is reportedly working on a fix for that. Sorry for the inconvenience! As you say, the only workaround right now is to post the topic and then edit it to add tags. :frowning:

I’ll get that sorted. Thanks.

Is there anyway to change the delete timer? It’s very annoying if you make a wrong post and quickly delete it.

I don’t really understand it’s purpose, either… Can anyone explain the theory behind the 24hr timer?

I think the new website is HORRIBLE!!!

So many things have been stripped out.

Most importantly, if a UI leaves the end-user with questions/confusion then it is a poor design!!

I have lots of questions and don’t see where anything has been gained. mad

Thumbs DOWN!!


I think the 24 hours is in place mostly for moderator benefit. For example if BadSpammer makes a bunch of posts and they get Flagged by a member as Spam, if BadSpammer Deletes them moderators still have some time to see that BadSpammer was a bad spammer and take appropriate action.

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your opinion. Seeing as you’ve spent only 20 minutes here so far, I can’t imagine how you’ve learned everything about Discourse that makes it different (I’ve been here for months now and I’m still learning), but I would appreciate hearing specific details as to what exactly it is you don’t like. If you have a problem with something chances are others do as well, and with any luck the problems can be fixed.


Definitely is, but right now we are utilizing the default (which is 24 hours). Allan gave a great explanation as to why, whether we keep it at 24 hours future going is to be determined. I’ll keep this in mind as we reflect on how the migration and our new processes are working out in the months to come.

:frowning: I really wish I had some specifics here. Did you see the “Did you know…” or the Discourse Cheat Sheet topics?


Hi Debbie,
We’re definitely interested in all feedback, both good and bad, but I’ve asked that it be constructive please. This kind of post isn’t helpful.


I would hope we can skin the taupe to something without a hue? Otherwise I think I like it. I completely dig the colorized labels — very important for a bifocal dude who said so long to 40 a ways back and is reminded daily how my fiction-reading habits will be the death of me everytime I hop on the net and have to use that accursed Zoom button (yeah? well you’re headed here too padre heh heh).


I’ve just tried to read and reply to some posts on here on my mobile, and it’s a complete disaster, totally unusable.

Although some form of responsive design comes through, the design is broken, so that the text in posts takes up about 150% of the screen width, regardless of orientation, and I can’t zoom out to get more on, I have to keep panning left and right on every line. No thank you, that is not a functioning system.

Lots of the icons don’t work either, which I think is because they are not icons but glyphs from an embedded font. Unfortunately, Windows Phone doesn’t support embedded fonts, so all I get are little boxes to show where there should have been an icon, but no indication whatsoever of what it should be.

The reply box doesn’t work properly either, and the first few lines of text are obscured by a series of empty boxes that should show the glyphs representing formatting buttons on the reply box, but not only are these unintelligible but they cover up the text of my reply, so I can’t even see what I’m typing.

I’ve just tried to read and reply to some posts on here on my mobile, and it’s a complete disaster, totally unusable.

I haven’t had a problem on mobile. It is very slow though and I think if I leave it open in a browser without shutting down the browser, it will run my batter down. I can’t confirm that second part.

Something I have noticed, is the 2 icons next to the latest reply on Desktop. They seem to be broken. If the OP replies to his own post, the second icon isn’t the last person to reply, but instead it’s the very first person to reply.

Trivial, but still a little bug I think.

Screenshot please! I’m not sure I’m following, so I want to make sure I’m looking where you are looking :smile:

Just checking—is this on the Desktop view or Mobile view? There’s a choice when you click on the hamburger menu top right.

There is? Maybe it’s a responsive desktop view then, because when I click on the empty box that is in the same position as the hamburgler icon is on desktop (well, I say “the same place”, but that’s not continuing the b0rken alignment and overlapping text…), I get the same menu as I do here on the desktop, with the exception that the first few characters of each line have irretrievably disappeared off the left-hand edge … but there doesn’t seem to be an option to switch between desktop and mobile view…

I remember seeing the option there earlier this year, but I no longer see it using Desktop Firefox 32.0 Windows 7

Hm, odd. This is what I see on my mobile:

Screenshot please!


This shows WebMachine as OP and fretburner as the last respondent.

But in the thread, the last person to respond was WebMachine. The one before that was StarLion. fretburner was simply the first person to respond to the thread.

Link to Thread

Shouldn’t it be either WebMachine | WebMachine or WebMachine | StarLion? Who cares who the first person to respond to the thread was?

Like I said, trivial. Just seems weird to me.

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By default, Discourse shows around 5 avatars, I think, but we reduced it to 2 to reduce clutter. Anyhow, the second avatar is not necessarily the last person to post. It seems to be the person who has posted most in the thread other than the OP.


Yes, fretburner is shown because apart from the OP he is “the most frequent” to have posted in it. i.e. from the topic’s expanded map view. A Quick Array Question

Ah! Ok. That makes sense then. It’s always seemed to be just the first person who replied.

@HAWK, this we can add " - most frequent poster" to the title/alt attribute on the second avatar to make this clearer?