Feedback about SitePoint on Discourse

:confused: Do you not have the option to do that? Or is it that you don’t have the Rhino image anymore and would need it from the forum? In which case, here ya go!

cpradio thanks dude, I’m trying to experiment here. lol
this is really funny.

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Coming (almost) new to Markdown I’m struggling a bit. Could there be a ‘how to start with Markdown’ page/article, please. I have found the ‘cheatsheet’, but being confronted with an entire spec is daunting when all I want to do is type a few lines and add a bit of code. Maybe it’s there but I’ve missed it.

I’ll probably blunder about trying the various icons at the top of this box, and likely get it wrong. It will come with practice, of course.

I would prefer not to be typing in small boxes which are right at the bottom of my screen and unable to be scrolled up.

You want: Did you know... (about Discourse) which is a quick guide to code blocks in Markdown :smile:

It’s quite simple, but here’s the original, basic guide to Markdown:

You can drag the top of the post box up to make it as large as you like. Look for this little icon at the top of the post box:

I’m with you on Markdown - I’ve been struggling quite a bit with it. Does this post help at all?

There’s also a topic here, where various folk have shared tips:

You can also hide the “preview” in the reply box, to get you a full-width box, and drag the top edge up to get yourself more vertical space.

There’s a lot that I like in the Discourse forum, but there are two things that I really miss:

  1. The equivalent of My Sitepoint in the old forum, that is, a place where I can see all the threads that I have posted in AND which contains new posts - all in one place, and nothing else (except perhaps things like pending friends requests and unread PMs). This was always my first stop when visiting the forum.

  2. In the main Categories screen - the one that shows all the categories with the last three post headings in each - I wish I could hide the categories that I am not interested. In the old forum, you could collapse the main section headings, which had the desired effect.

One other minor point: Within the header of a recent post, I would prefer to see the actual date and time of the post, as in the old forum, rather than the less-intuitive “2d” or “4h”. This is not a big issue - just a slight preference.

Apart from the above, keep up the good work.



I’m not sure there’s any way to do that, but you can remove them from the topics which appear in the “New” and “Latest” categories by added them to “Muted” in your preferences. Not perfect, but it’s a start.

Thank you, that’s handy (but not obvious if you don’t know). Width is of less concern to me, but it’s good to be able to switch the preview off (and on again).

So’s driving a car, but you still have to learn. Thanks, I’ll follow up the link.

Thanks to cpradio also.

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Indeed. I’ve been using Markdown for a year or two now and loving it. Honestly, it’s one of the few learning experiences that I found very easy and essentially learnable in a sitting—which I can’t say of many things.

That’s sounds promising. But I can’t see how to specify the categories I want to place in my “Muted” list. If I go to Muted within Preferences, I only see a text box. Does that mean I have to individually type the name of each of the categories in question? And, if so, what format should I use (delimited with commas; one category per line)?

I think this is important, not because I want to do it myself, but because other people might have the same requirement, so a more intuitive interface would be helpful.


No, it’s not at all obvious. When you click into the “Muted” box, it will show a highlighted box, and when you start to type in there, it will display a dropdown menu of suggested categories for what you’ve typed, and you can choose from there. Repeat as necessary.

To remove them again, you just click on the “x”.

[quote=“Mikl, post:106, topic:742”]
I think this is important, not because I want to do it myself, but because other people might have the same requirement, so a more intuitive interface would be helpful.
[/quote]Again, I agree.

The moderators have been testing the software for months, and there are still things I don’t know how to do, or have only recently discovered.

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I posted a new topic but noticed there is no preview anymore. Plans to add this??? Or am I missing somethng.


The preview is part of the composer window by default.

Or if you have hidden it:

Is there going to be a section for web security like the old site or is there and I’m just missing it?

Also, how do we access the old site to look around? I just tried with my old bookmark and it brought me here.

The approach now is to post in the most relevant category and add a tag to be more specific. there are not many tags right now, but more are coming. There’s already one for Security, though:

Any threads that haven’t been migrated over here are available in read-only mode. (I’m not sure if that’s fully sorted yet, though.)

Ok, thank you.

I don’t think that is true anymore. I think everything redirects here now…

No, individual threads are still in their original location. The main forum pages and categories redirect here, but individual, non-migrated threads aren’t.

@Ophelie Thank you for clearing that up. Though the stuff that isn’t here is probably fairly out of date…