Fb comments plugin

hello everyone,
I didn’t find any better forum to post this question so im asking it here (if there’s a better place for such question mod can move it i will be thankful.)

So, i’m using fb comments plugin together with highslide gallery script
I want to add a unqiue comment box to every gallery
the problem is, that i cannot find how to do that, in their decutemation page (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments/) it says that the plugin requires a link, which is not what i want…because then it wont be unique for each gallery but for the whole page…

Any ideas?


You do need to include a link to the page the comments are living in. I did a quick test and was able to add three different comment blocks to the same page by making the href unique for each one. You can do this by appending “#” and a unique identifier to the end of the href. I used “#1”, “#2”, and “#3”. You might have something that looks like this:

<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://yourdomain.com/yourpage.html#1" data-num-posts="5" data-width="300"></div>

I used the HTML5 version of the plugin code. Make sure to only include the JavaScript SDK on your page once.