Fancybox Loads -Moz-Zoom-In on My Iframed Image - Want this Removed!

I’m trying to use fancybox to load a variety of documents for my portfolio site. With that said, it’s giving me a little bit of a hard time in Firefox. When it loads, it makes me click the magnified glass to view the full image. You’ll see what I mean when you visit and click on my resume link. The image loads full width in Safari and Chrome so I’m not really sure why firefox is adding a width and a height to the fancybox. I also don’t know how to override it. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

Fancybox code:

	'autoDimensions': false,
    	'padding'       : 0,
    	'width'         : 880,
    	'height'        : '70%',
    	'autoScale'     : false,
    	'transitionIn'  : 'none',
    	'transitionOut' : 'none',
    	'type'          : 'iframe',

I don’t know about fancybox, but you can do it with Magic Thumb by setting image-size to original:

<a href="big.jpg" class="MagicThumb" rel="image-size:original"><img src="small.jpg"/></a>

(As your site is non-commercial, Magic Thumb is free).