Fake site has "copied" lots of URLs from my Joomla-site

Hi, I have this blog/website with lots of content over the past years.
Some days ago I discovered that someone has copied lots of my URL/content over to some fake sites (domains)… Theese website results in “You have won a lottery” kinda stuff…

What could I do? I can see in my google analytics that a lot of visitors are outside my home country… I guess theese are “stealing” theese links. Suddenly there can be 50-100 visitors at the same time… not normail for my small website.


Do you mean that your URLs are pointing to the fake sites, or that some sites have stolen your content.

If the content has been stolen, I’m not sure if there is much you can do about it other than trying them to take down the content.

If your URLs are pointing to the fake sites, it could be that your blog has been hacked. If you Google “Joomla site hacked”, you will come across a number of website that explain how to clean up your website and remove any malicious code that might have been inserted.

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Yes, content/urls are stolen or copied to a new domain… to some sort of fake website.

If I search for some random words that I know will rank high in google for my website… I can scroll down… and maybe on site two or three in google result… there are some “fake” website… with weird domain name… that have url/title almost similar to mine… and ponting to some spam/lottery site…

You have no control over people using urls or titles ‘similar’ to yours and then getting a good spot in the Google searches for keywords that work also for your website.

Or do you think your site has been hacked? If so, have you searched for a solution, like I suggested?

No, I dont think its hacked.
Lately there have been lots of visit from some countries… maybe 50 users at the same time (visiting 50 different sites/content)… collectiing data from my site.
I guess the only way to prevent this is blocking IP from those countries…? mostly france/canda…

You could try adding something like the “Blackhole” trap, to “capture” bad bots. https://perishablepress.com/blackhole-bad-bots/

Thx, I have installed that now.

What is happening is that content is “stolen/copied” from my site onto to these .tk .ru etc (free domains)…

Today I had 40 visits from ip: (that I have now blocked). I guess it was stealing url/content from me?

And have a look at this → https://www.liveipmap.com/ (As you can see im not alone having this problem with this IP, same thing happend with this guy “Dimitris”)

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