Fail the interview for wrong answer at one page in Bootstrap

This is the image that I had to answer, to an interview, if I can do it from design to html, css, bootstrap and responsive - in 9 hours, I mean in one work day. My answer was 2-3 days and I failed.
Please, you guys, tell me, can you do it in 9 hours?

Is that using some theme, or building from scratch?
It looks a very ‘busy’ layout, so would take some planning to how it would convert to mobile.

From scratch my friend. I know that is very busy :slight_smile: . So the page has to be available for all devices.

Does it have to be functional? If it’s just the design, I don’t see why it’d take more than a few hours using Bootstrap. Definitely not using pretty, production ready, code… but it’s an not unreasonable request for a non-functional prototype.

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I could do it in 9 hours assuming just html and css and that all the graphics were in psd format and layered correctly. However it would be a bit rushed and corners would be cut. I do specialise in PSD to html so I generally wouldn’t expect most people to turn it around that quickly.

I would probably have quoted 2 -3 days to a client but even then browser and device testing is a days work on its own (at least). It all depends on what you want to skip :slight_smile:


No psd to cut, except the photos. The whole page to be done in css, css3, html, bootstrap and responive. They told that everything on the page, that look complex or simple can be done with css3.

Well, you should treat that as a fortuitous escape. :sunglasses:

If you really care for your sanity, then you should
always avoid “Bootcrap” like the plague. :scream:



If Paul says he’d quote 2-3 days then for most people 4-5 is probably more realistic.

Perhaps they thought you were boasting about your abilities or perhaps they have no idea of how long it would really take and whoever does land the job will only be given 1/4 of the time they actually need for each project and will soon fail to meet their completely unrealistic standards


Yeah, there’s no way a page like that can be done in one standard work day on a consistent basis… What if you want a coffee break? Coworkers bothering you? Random clients needing stuff in other projects? You dodged a bullet, my friend.


You are totally right felgall. In any company you don’t have only one project, but 4-5 in the same time. And how RyanReese said, you need small breaks too, maybe you have to help other colleagues and you have meetings too. At the interview I forgot completely about those variable from the work equation :slight_smile:, like I never worked in this IT field.

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All in all, @sorin21us it sounds like you had a lucky escape. Not a company to work for.

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Use a website grabber for a similar site and modify.
Or use PSD to Bootstrap.
Or modify a similar Wordpress layout.
Or get on the phone, outsource it to china and watch a video.
oh wait…did you have to do this or just say how long it should take?

Maybe I’m nuts but I think that can be fleshed out in a day.

Assume that they only want the live html/css template with boilerplate text and images and no real dynamic stuff yet. In other words you aren’t also implementing ajax/php/server-side or templating etc etc.

They mentioned Bootstrap but nothing in that images is “Bootstrappy” so there would be a lot of CSS overrides, or else just use the responsive grid and not much else.

Blocking out each section of the page and making proper decisions about markup and header tags and such. I would probably pick BEM as a method of CSS class naming.

Just styling things and using a css grid is not that hard. In fact gridding out that design and each section and getting some basic styles set up is probably about 30 minutes or so. The “hardest” part of that design is going to be alignments of all the small elements, little bits of text with icons and so forth. Or if there are any JS animations to build.

If I actually had any spare time, I’d attempt to complete this task and time myself. But assuming I could work on this with no distractions and all they want is the template with boilerplate data, I think it could be done in a day.

Most websites I’ve built were basically one day projects. Spend a couple hours on a Photoshop design, then cut out any graphical elements I want to keep. Flesh out the grid and layout, add web fonts and icon fonts, then begin styling out each section (header, logo, menu, sidebar, content, footers), pretty standard stuff.
Then after the one day grind, the rest is just fleshing out small details.

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