Facebook: Which is better for a community to post questions and recommendations, news, comments etc - a page or a group?

Hi there,

I am creating a Facebook account for a local website and wondered which is better - a page or a group. Users will most likely post questions, recommendations, news and comments about the local town. I have created a page which I guess is fine, but is group better?

Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

I realise this isn’t an answer to your question, but I don’t think Facebook is a good medium for this sort of use. There is no search mechanism and finding posts is a nightmare.

A forum would be far better.


That’s probably true, but I feel the website would need a social presence as well. Most of the users would probably prefer to use Facebook than a forum as they would trust Facebook more than a forum I would imagine.

It depends on the purpose. Facebook is today IMHO targeting cat lovers and grandma and grandpa.

If the purpose is to be a source of knowledge Facebook is a disaster. Hard to find old threads and harder to follow a thread. And almost impossible to search for old information.

If the purpose is to advertise. Yes. Facebook is a valid tool for this IMO.

As @Gandalf pointed out when it comes to interact with the user and slowly become a knowledge source, Flarum or Discord may be a far better choice.

Been there done that.


The target market is in the higher range for older people which is why I thought Facebook my work. I am not sure if these people would be comfortable or use a forum, or know what Discord is.

I was wondering which is better to use; a page or group?

A group may be a higher treshold IMO.

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Cool, that makes sense.

Bard came up with this:

So yes a group would be better

Generally a Page has the Organisation that owns it as the primary focus, often as a means to promote itself.
A Group on the other hand, although it may be owned or affiliated to a Page, has more focus on its members. I would say a Group more closely resembles a forum than a Page.

For some reason many people prefer Facebook.

For me, Facebook is full of advertisements I do not care about. That includes abundant posts from accounts trying to get my attention. I have a collection of over 1000 images of women wearing nearly nothing and I never responded to anything like that in Facebook. When I respond to something, even if I click on Like, Facebook shows me very many other posts like it.

Real forum software has many advantages over Facebook Groups. One thing that frustrates me about Facebook Groups is the limited space. Facebook fills up too much space with other stuff.

Are you prevented from doing both, a group and a page? You can use the page to provide as much information as you can that is relevant and the group would provide a mechanism for discussion. Right?

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