Facebook posting via Email is possible?

Hi friends,
I want to post in a group via my registered mail id (with this group)

I tried this but its not working pleeasseeee help me :frowning:
i tried with below email

Group name is: Mra jobseeker 2012 passout only

Link I tried in email body is:

I used my registered mail id with this group. but no post is displayed on groups wall at all.
Please help

You don’t facebook posting via email id.its no possible.

no possible post message facebook via email

May be this post will give answer to your query -

I’mafraid you can’t, but if you have an android you can just download the app and get access; once you get used to it you will see it’s even easier than using an email!

Interesting concept. It should be possible in principle but perhaps not without going through some kind of proxy (especially for access to all functionality). I can see the value of being able to engage discussion on the group pages. Might investigate this further sometime when I get a chance.

you can send mails by sending to the group name followed by @groups.facebook.com

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