Facebook Page Likes

How Can I Increase my facebook page likes ,But the problem is that i not a admin member of my facebook account .

You don’t need to be an administrator to promote it… you need to be an administrator to do changes to the page :slight_smile:


If you do a quick search of the forums, you’ll find that this issue has been discussed many times, both in Social Media and in Marketing. For example, you might find these threads helpful:

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If you come across something you don’t understand, feel free to post here and ask for clarification or more information. But you might find there’s already more than enough information there to get you started.

If you want to increase Facebook likes, you have to update your information regularly. Upload new and unique information.

Yes we can get the liked for facebook page by updating regularly with new information and updates…

The solution to that is the page must be interesting to the people and your post should be informative, true and sometimes can be funny. Something that people will like and can get their interest in. You can also advertise on twitter and other sites that you regularly visit.There is also another way to buy likes, if you want to buy then find a freelancer on sites like listingdock and get your work done .

I suggest you read this post, which explains why buying likes is a pointless exercise.

And as it makes no sense to have two discussions on the same topic, I’m going to close this one. Anyone with something new to contribute can join in on the other thread.