Facebook Marketing Strategies

now a days Facebook marketing is most popular and best way to getting more visitors on your site. that’s why i would like to know details of Facebook marketing Strategies.

if know anyone , please reply me.

What about creating a fan page for your business/website and then interact with your customers/fans to slowly build bigger community? that free way to do it , then you can use ads on facebook to promote your page.

You can use facebook marketing to creating branding for your product in two ways i.e. organic and paid. In organic facebook marketing you will have to create your fan page, decor it. post some good stuff which people like to share. build audience or increase follower on your fan page, interact with them with this you can directly interact with you customer, you will get review, suggestion which will help you to improve your business. Other way is paid marketing here you can promote you fan page or post. you will have to select budget for the day. facebook promote your page and display to may facebook user. by this you can earn many new customers for you fan page.

You can use Facebook marketing strategy in two ways:-

  1. Paid
  2. Organic

In paid you will have to create a facebook campaign and then go through with:

  • Segmentation
  • Ads Optimization
  • Scheduling Your Campaigns
  • Managing Your Budget Wisely
  • Tracking Your Results

and In organic, you will have to create a strong facebook profile and fan page, make more friends and also interact with their posts and post some good stuff about your business then you will get reviews and suggestion which will help you alot to expand your business.

@abhijit12a @sheenaroy thanks for your answer.
but i read some where that Facebook have 3 types of organic marketing.

  1. Generic
  2. Branding
  3. Engaging

What you think it’s right or wrong?


New to this blog. I have been told that Facebook Ads are a waist of time when it comes to SEO unlike Google Ads. Is this true?


I have no experience of Facebook ads, so I can’t comment, but you might find this recent post (and associated video) interesting:

Thanks !

According to SEO tips 2014, here are few Facebook strategies that you must try:

  1. Post infographics
  2. Interact your niche influencers
  3. Post testimonials about your products/services
  4. Post tutorials (video, slides)
  5. Post free stuffs

The list are a lot actually.

I just had my experience with Facebook. Just spent $25 on 3-4 campaigns. I have to say that my conversion is zero, after I set up it correctly. Even though I got like 100 clicks on my sites conversion zero. I still need to test here !


On a 2 Euro budget on FB, I get 52 real visits to my website every 30 days, not counting bounce visits as Facebook reports much larger visit numbers. I must agree with DexSmart’s post above, the conversion is not that high.
Sometimes I wonder if FB advertising is even worth it. I mean compared to a previous email marketing campaign I invested in where the conversions where much much higher.

Facebook Ads did nothing for us. As a B2B that offers a virtual service, we couldn’t do product picture posts or event, so we turned to the visual aspect, creating infographics and other imagery. Basically we just flooded the feed with pictures until we started getting noticed.

Try using the free Facebook marketing apps offered by tradablebits.com. It’s all about engaging with your Facebook fans and getting them to comment and share on your wall.

First you Create a fan page for your Business and invited friends and Join Facebook groups like internet marketing, promote your business etc.
than after approval share your page at Facebook groups

yes its good way to promote you business and yes facebook is daily routine of the todays guys to chill out so that to pomote business there is one of the best way to do it you can create free you business profile and update it on regular basis and share with your friends and the friend of friends and increase like otherwise facebook ad is the other option