Facebook Gone Wild

I recently did a project for a client who had a song they wanted to sell for the holiday. They wanted to put it on Facebook so I used www.nimbit.com, which is a great solution for this type of project.

The client used a marketing company to promote their song on the web. The marketing company created a Facebook profile bearing the song name and 3 Facebook pages also bearing the song name. In addition they have created 3 blogs, a twitter account and some other social media accounts all bearing the song name.

OK I get it, saturate the web with the name and it’s more likely to be found, but so many people believe that Facebook is like some magic marketing tool that you have to have if you have a product or service to sell. No matter how many times I try to convence clients to put more effort into marketing their website, they always want to market their Facebook pages.

I’m not a marketing specialist so maybe I just don’t understand, but it seems to me that Facebook is becoming over saturated with pages like these. It reminds me of the internet boom and we know how that turned out.

Yes, sometimes I get that feeling too. But it seems that facebook works and some even say that it may be the next search engine and that it is the only company that may shadow Google. So everybody simply needs to be on facebook if they want business.

Funny enough, facebook started just to get in touch with friends while LinkedIn was for professionals and businesses… and now it looks like facebook is business, mainly.

Few years back, facebook was a ‘magic marketing tool’. Not yet saturated,but not as closely effective as before.

You can create multiple business pages associated to single business profile account and users who likes your pages doesn’t know who created them. This is one of the reasons why businesses create multiple pages. ~ Truth Revealed :slight_smile:

I understand that, but what is the point in creating multiple business pages for the same product. What is the benefit? I’m not be facetious. I can see if McDonalds had a page for each one of their products, but I don’t quite understand why they would have multiple pages for the same product.

I advertised my products on facebook.
I found it’s very good to target people you want your ads to show, for example I can target my ads to show to women, between 25 - 30 years old, who likes Bon Jovi. that’s the awesome part.

It successfully attracted a lot of clicks, but at the end it didn’t make any money for me. because my target audience just happen to see the ads while they are browsing on facebook, they clicked my ads and did not want to buy because they didn’t goto facebook to buy stuffs. so to me, search engine is still the best way to advertise, even content network is much better than facebook advertising.

my 2 cents

Because a certain number of invites per day raises the red flag.

If your goal for facebook is generating immediate sales stop your page, close it down and buy some facebook ads, that’s the best path.

Facebook, twitter, your blog, they are all engagement platforms that build a customer relationship and dialogue. With websites you are going one way when a customer choses to visit; with email you can push a message but still don’t hear back. With social it’s about getting into someone’s stream, their life, and reaching them with a message they can participate in… the more so the better.

Over the long haul this is an effective tool to build a dialogue, advocates and spread your brand, but it’s not overnight and does not replace the transactional marketing you are already doing like paid search, email, event marketing, print or whatever.

Facebook is a great marketing tool. Having multiple page will not help if you are not targeting the right audience. People see your page and then click it but not buying your product. I agree with Ted, buy facebook ad. In that way, people will realize that you are actually selling not just posting.

I agree with you completely because i also tried the Facebook ad and its promotion and i got about 100 leads every day which 10 times better than Google. I also created a fan page and i added 1000 people on that withing 10 days.