Facebook - getting more follows and less likes

What has facebook changed recently?

I used to have about 20 people that followed my page and didn’t like it. Now I’ve got hundreds of people that follow but don’t like.

Are they switching away from likes to follows? It’s a bit of a shame as my like count has slowed down. I guess follows are more important as someone that has liked but unfollowed won’t see any stuff. Just annoying as will make it even harder to get the same like count as sites that have been around for years.

Great observation Cado! I didn’t noticed this on my page. Facebook recently is constantly changing their algorithm. Like their messages tab in desktop is now like the messenger app in mobile. All I can explain also is the last part to said - that their are fans who liked the page but chose to unfollow it.

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Good… Noticed … followers are important…

Now Facebook focused at paid campaigns

Looks like FB made some algorithm changes as well

Welcome to the forums, @poppythankful.

Do you have a reference for that? (It’s always helpful to provide the link if you have an authoritative source.)

I’m saying is based on my observation…


It’s always good to state the basis for your comments, whether it’s fact, opinion or observation.

Hello Cado, Facebook Just change his policies (Term & Conditions), algorithms. fb followers are more important then likes or shares post. So pay attention on followers.

@Sankalptec do you have a reference for this? As @TechnoBear says above, a statement like that without a reference is of little help to anyone.

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gandalf458, I have no reference. But views of the experts & current working stylish, I guessed so…

@Sankalptec the trouble is there are so many myths surrounding SEO, SMO, SMM and the like that a reliable reference is just about the only way to sift fact from fiction.

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I just looked at my “news feed” both “top” and “recent”
I find it confusing that it seems to always have a different sequence every time I leave it and then go back to it.

I have a feeling that many of the same factors are used for both, except that “recent” weighs time more heavily and “top” likes and number of comments.

But for both, it seems that who I am following is a major factor in what is there. IMHO this is rightly so. Seems logical that I would have more interest in seeing what those l’m interested in are posting.

Of course there is the right-side content and intermittent sponsoreds regardless.

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