Facebook begining to drive me beserk

We’ll, I finally got at least one FB account started, although, since I don’t receive text messages, I can’t confirm the username. Great.

Trying to add an event to the timeline I am selecting mon, Nonv 5th, But when viewing the event, FB insists on listing the event as under Nov 4th with no events for that day!?

  • This is listing a prior event.

  • Also, how to do list the twitter link among the linkset:

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You can verify your account without using a mobile. But considering how much hassle it can be to do it this way, you might as well buy a cheap mobile and a free sim card for like 20 bucks.

Thanks for that, EastCoast. One problem I have with text messaging is that Sprint keeps sending me their propoganda, even when techs at the local store have turned it off. Nuissance. Not to mention other unwanted texts.

Sorry for the double post, but only encountering more problems, now that I setup texting, and only doing once today, I get the error:

“you are requesting too many codes in a short period of time. Please try again later.”

Is anyone else running in to these kinds of problems. This is flat out ridiculous. Too problematic.

I never had any issues signing up. One thing I do notice is that occasionally, there will be a period of a few hours when facebook will act erratic (posts disappearing, chat not working etc) which I attribute to them rolling out code updates, during these periods best to avoid any input or altering settings.