Facebook and $1000 Per Month

My question is related to make money using social bookmark sites with popular one like Facebook.

Is it possible to make $1000 per month using Facbook?

Suppose my website have ads as well as my product, if it is possible then which steps i should take to achieve this target.

Waiting for replies from Experts Social Websites persons.:shifty:


Possible? Of course! With hard work and effort, everything is possible! Easy? It really depends on how you promote yourself, the people you’re targeting to, the product itself and its price.

Facebook now has an option to share the stories you like and pay for it (that’s what they call sponsored stories)! That’s a way of promotion as any other, like Facebook’s ads. Of course, you can do lots of things to promote your business and get to your goal… but the very first thing is to create a Facebook page (careful, I said page, not profile. Profile is what you use as a person that wants to get in touch with friends. To create a page, you need to have a profile first ;). Also, don’t confuse it with groups which is the third type of page you can have in Facebook)

Create an attractive Fan Page having cool graphics and valueable information. Then keep your targeted client updated with some interesting information. donot always send them promotional offers they will get board of you leave you. your communication with them should be of personal nature because on facebook people come to enjoy their online community not to read the boring marketing material.

$1000 per month from a social networking website.

But I have to ask something. My question is
Who will pay this amount? I mean will users just market their products and try to make friends their customers or something else??

I believe those who are making money through Facebook are doing it with Fan Pages, Facebook ads, and links to their websites.

from “Facebook ads” ??? How? I haven’t heard about this. And how can we earn from a facebook fan page. Is it possible?

In the case of facebook ads I don’t know, I would assume that sending people to a landing page or affiliate links just as in Google. From Fan pages because you can sell the product without leaving facebook.

Yes, I think as long as the page has traffic, the creator can help to spread words about related products or services for some fee (advertisement).