Extracting YouTube video ID


What I tried to do is get video ID out of youtube url:


So here is what I did put together:

function getID($url)
	$id = "";
	if(strstr($url, 'youtube.com/watch?v='))
		$token = explode('=', $url);
		if(strstr($token[1], '&'))
			$token2 = explode('&', $token[1]);
			$id =  $token2[0];
			$id = $token[1];
	return $id;

Although I am wondering if I could make this thing a bit more failproof and less complicated by regex match (preg_match()), although I don’t know how to write the pattern. Help.

$videoId = false;
$queryString = parse_url('http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESka_Ao9Fmo&feature=fvw', PHP_URL_QUERY);
parse_str($queryString, $qsVariables);
if (isset($qsVariables['v'])
    $videoId = $qsVariables['v'];