Extract href value with PHP

Hi Guys!

I need to extract the anchor href content using preg_match_all.

Does anyone have a link to regex that will do this for me?

Example content:

<a class="class-name here" title="test title" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript({function_here()})" href="http://sub.test.com/">

$text='<p>Hello <a class="bla" href="test.php">Test test</a> this is some <a href="bla.html">bla bla</a>, etc, etc</p>';
preg_match_all('~<a(.*?)href="([^"]+)"(.*?)>~', $text, $matches);


  0 => string 'test.php' (length=8)
  1 => string 'bla.html' (length=8)