External @font-face in Firefox

I’m trying to paticipate in the Sitepoint HTML/CSS competition and I’m having a problem with the @font-face declarations. The CSS file is on my local computer and the fonts are on my webserver. Everything looks great in all browsers except in Firefox. Firefox just shows the default font.

Anyone have any idea why, and what I have to do to let Firefox behave?

You’ll have to post the relevant code so that we can see where you are going wrong but as this is for the competition then its probably not fair to others that I help.

Instead I will refer you to the oracle of things font-face.


Thank you Paul, we can point you in the right direction but we cannot unfortunately give you an answer for your entry as it would prejudice things.


Hehe… thanks guys. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the competition :slight_smile:

But since it is very well possible that I will run into this problem outside of the competition too I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

The syntax I use is the one from Frontspring, generated by Font Squirrel. I tried Paul Irish’ syntax first but that didn’t work in any browser. Both worked when I had the fonts on my local computer.

Well, I think I found a workaround here: http://geoff.evason.name/2010/05/03/cross-domain-workaround-for-font-face-and-firefox/

Yes, you shouldn’t have mentioned that. :wink: Though at least you were honest, I ‘suspect’ some other people are ‘covertly asking questions’ here too about their entries. :smiley: