Exporting with borders in Lightroom

I have light room 3 and I have a collection of folders / photos in my library that I want to export with a stroke border but I for the life of me can’t find out how do it ?

Any tips?

In normal Photoshop, I would use the rectangular marquee tool, use control+a (is that option+a on a mac?) and then right click (control+click on a mac, for sure) and select stroke.

After that, you can choose a stroke setting. You’d want to use the ‘inside’ setting. You can also set size and color.

No way to mass produce them although I found a program for another member who wanted to do something similar. Lost track of the link (I don’t use it), but here’s another link that I found.


I’ll post/edit if I find it.

Thanks for the reply TehYoyo.

I find it very disappointing that such an advanced program like Photoshop and Lightroom can’t even mass produce something as simple as a border.

I had spent enough time looking and reading on how to do it I got fed up, in the end up I just done what I knew (as you described) with photo-shop using the marquee tool and individually edited and saved around 30 photographs.

Job Done, Thanks anyways.

I mean, 30 isn’t much.

Photoshop isn’t a mass-producing program. It would be unrealistic and inefficient to include automated tasks like that. Instead, they’ve focused on increasing the high-end capabilities, something I’m happy they’ve done.


Fair point.

Sorry I missed this thread but this could be done by simply recording a macro in Photoshop

I suppose. Record an action, maybe unlock it, control+a, right-click stroke, etc.

Good point.