Explain me the internet

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I’m looking for something (a tool / resource / website) that I can use to explain hosting, domain names, DNS, MX records, etc to my layman client. Hopefully something that simplifies the structure of the internet and uses analogies that are easy to understand. Maybe you’ve come across something like that and wouldn’t mind sharing. It really is for my client, not me. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Have you tried Wikipedia?


You can check the following wiki url to get the detail information on this:

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Read this post.

There is a lot on the topic to read. Here are the basics in an infographic.


Thank you for the infographic, Alek. That’s the sort of thing I’m looking for. :cool:

Thanks to others for the wikipedia links. I think it’s going to be too much for him to digest. He’s a chemist, but wants to have a basic, yet comprehensive and clear understanding.

I would venture to say “basic” and “comprehensive” are not often achieved together.
Secondly, you should simply (respectfully) point him to the Internet. Isn’t he capable of performing research on his own?

Hey, not sure how good a fit this is but I wrote a guide that I give away free on my website here:

It covers website basics like hosting, domain names, and web design options. It’s meant for people who know very little about creating websites.

You’re quite right, but sometimes clients can be demanding like that. :smiley:

That’s what he’s paying me for.

Thanks for your pdf, WebEminence. I’ll have a look through it.

domain is like the address, you use the domain to locate a website(hosting). Hosting is like the home where you put the website content in. DNS is the server connecting domain and hosting. MX record is a set up to connect the domain name to the mail hosting. Easy to understand?

Well put, @cndomainsite;!

A bit more accurately (clarification), the ip address is the unique address for any hardware connected to the Internet and the domain name is a “human” shortcut to that address.
Domain Name Services (DNS) is the system that links a domain name to an ip address. It is actually another logical network running in parallel to the Internet.

Thanks. And if your client is still not able to understand, just give him an example like google.com. [/QUOTE]