Experiences with Social/Viral Promotions

Social/Viral promotions can take many forms

  • Share this on facebook and get 10% off
  • Get 20 orders by the deadline and save 50% (Groupon style)
  • Refer a friend and make 5% of everything he buys (a sort of MLM/affiliate hybrid)

Anyone have any experience doing these? Most merchants don’t seem to do them which could be very good or very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

you are most likely see serious abuse from the visitors. i dont see any effective way you could prevent that.

It is kinda marketing the presence of your shop online. It’s really a good way to drive the traffic from social media websites. Sharing the online selling products through a person, reaches to several, making connections among them.

Regarding usage of this type marketing or you can say viral marketing is good to go.

Most don’t… ? I would say most DO these type of promotions.
Groupon sites a lot of them on the market. Affiliate marketing since the beginning of the net.
For the first: share to get a discount … sure the market is not to big here. However here’s an example with a site that just does this <snip>

Double-sided incentives are the best way to handle this (avoid abuse):

(To the referrer) X percent off for the next order if you refer a friend and they purchase something from our store
(To the referred customer) X percent off your order from our store
Limited time offer – must be used within two weeks

Unique link tracking helps prevent abuse, especially if you pair the link to a customer account. You will be able to spot unusual behavior. At the end of the day, if you offer 10% to each party, abuse doesn’t matter if you’re driving tons of traffic. You’re still making a sale. Where you get in trouble is when you offeri a hard incentive like $20 in store credit.

They really works, as they are basic tricks to generate the traffic to the site along with good amount of leads to the site.
How every some times it may effect on bounce rate of the site, it can ignore when you have some good leads…