Expected ; in middle of T4 template

I’m confused.

<ChDir><#= comp.Name #></ChDir>
<Shell CaptureStandardOutput="False" ExitCode="0">if exist Install.cmd Install.cmd "%INSTALLMODE%" "%RELEASENAME%" "%VENDOR%"</Shell>
<!-- *** Start: RegisterComponent *** -->
<Shell>if exist Register.vbs cscript.exe Register.vbs /T:"Components" /N:"<#= comp.Name #>" /V:"<#= comp.Version #>" /B:""</Shell>

This is a section from the middle of a T4 Runtime template (.tt).

The first line doesnt blink. None of the variable references before this point are causing problems.

There are XML comments before this block, there are other XML pieces before this block, nothing before this block is causing a problem.

The bottom line throws Expected ; twice.
The Expected ; errors continue for the remainder of the template, any time I put a variable in.

… What am I missing? Having a forest-for-the-trees moment.

The underlying .cs file shows no errors, but VS won’t build the solution because of these odd syntax errors…

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