Expanding and collapsing list

Im trying to mimic the list shown here:


at my page at www.meadowlarktransport.com/drivers2.php

but the menu doesn’t allow for me to expand or collapse anything…I have the CSS and Javascript linked to my page but don’t understand why its not working?

Any help would be appreciated.


When viewing the scripting console of my web browser I see some errors that you might want to take care of.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://www.meadowlarktransport.com/prepLiAnchors.js
Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined scripts.js:36

where do I find prepLiAnchors.js?

Why are you using it in the first place?

Im actuall not sure, the script I got was based from this page


Just wanting to see if an expanding/collapsable list will work well for me or not

Can you point out for me where on that page the part about prepLiAnchors.js is?

I believe what Im missing is the jquery library, but from a previous page it has been uploaded to my webserver