Exectution of a tag in a textArea

【1】[?php 【2】$var1='This ia <span style="color:red">red</span>.'; 【3】 【4】$var2='<textArea style="width:500px;height="500px">'.$var1.'</textArea>'; 【5】 【6】echo $var1.'<br><br>'; 【7】 【8】echo $var2; ?]I have the code above at http://dot.kr/x-test/color_in_textArea.php.

In echoing $var1, the text “red” is showed in red.
In echoing $var2, the text “red” is showed in black with the html tag " [span style=“color:red”]red[/span]".

I like to make it that the text “red” in echoing $var2 is showed in red because the html tag of style “color:red” is executed.
Can I make it possible with your help?

no. textarea fields do not support parsed HTML code.

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