Exclude sitepoint.com visits from Google Analytics

I’m not sure this is the right forum, but I’m trying to exclude visits from Sitepoint to my website’s Google Analytics reports. I have set up a filter as you will see on the attached. However, I am still getting sitepoint visits in my Traffic Source report. What am I missing?

I notice the filter says “that contain” but maybe it’s really “begin with” and you need the www prefix?

Or maybe it’s the “ISP domain”? SitePoint is “on the cloud” so maybe the ISP domain is different than what you think it would be.

What you are blocking with that filter is everyone that visits from sitepoint.com; i.e. the guys at sitepoint.com, probably.

To exclude all visitors that came from sitepoint.com as a referrer, see https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1034842?hl=en

Also, beware that filters don’t work retro-actively, they only work on future data.
So it’s always a good idea to create several profiles for a property and have at least one profile without any filters whatsoever so you always have access to raw data from the past.

I’ll try the begins with www.sitepoint. I already have an unfiltered profile. Thanks for your help.